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June 7, 2012

Victorian courtship letters

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Victorians were the people with royal etiquettes and used to follow certain etiquette protocols for their behavior at different occasions. Victorian courtship is considered to be one of the most romanticized parts of life of Victorian people. Although Victorians never left their strict code of etiquettes but they invented many innovative ways of playing a romantic courtship and one of the ways were the Victorian courtship letters. Since meeting in public and having private communication in public was not considered appropriate by the Victorian etiquette protocols, so they started exchanging romantic letters and cards to express the deep felt love.

Victorians were quite romantic and the way they used to exchange the love messages and feelings was a courtship letter. Their letters were deeply romantic and love filled. As single men and women were not allowed to have informal communications, they can have contact through letters only if they were in courtship period. Hence the courtship period was most awaited, and was accompanied with extremely romantic love letters. Courtship letters also used to initialize a lifelong relation between two people, hence these letters were considered to be very special. These letters used to build and start a love filled romantic relationship between the would-be couple.

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