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April 16, 2012

Love letters

Ever since the human civilization, love letters are of the most romantic ideas to express feelings of love in a written form, using beautifully decorated and polished words. Love letter has being in existence over the ages. The concept and theme is still the same but the mode to delivery has changed with changing technology. Mostly these letters are delivered by hand or mail. In the traditional time, the love letter was carried by pigeon. It was first started from Egypt. But the technological change has made this delivery much easier and faster, such as by email, social websites like Twitter etc. The best idea for handing over the letter of love is by leaving it in a secret location.

Love letters may contain some of the widest range of expressions, not necessarily they express feelings of joy and love, but also these letters are used to express devotion, disappointments or indignation, self-confidence or ambition etc. The concept of writing letters is to express your feelings for the loved ones, through words and written expressions, humans can express their feelings more deliberately and properly. Therefore, these special letters play a very important role in establishing healthy relation with your loved ones.

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