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June 7, 2012

Funny collection letter

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A collection letter is the one which is written to a person in order to collect a past due account. The letter is written by money lender to the borrower for the sole purpose of collecting the pending money or payment. A collection letter which used rude language can never be effective and always spoils the relation between the two people.

A funny collection letter can be used to lighten an unpleasant discussion and to bring some humor in a serious condition. Collecting money is a very serious issue, and a little carelessness would result in serious consequences. But a funny collection letter accompanied by a little humor may not enhance the adversity of the situation and may also help in finding a solution for the problem.

Sometimes it is very necessary to overcome a serious situation intelligently for the sake of relation and goodwill. A funny collection letter is a perfect solution for such problems, where the reminder of payment is sent in a funny way so that the borrower does not feels bad or feels insulted. The funny collection letters are more influential as they help in reminding the borrower but do not confront him /her directly.

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