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August 23, 2010

Best Romantic Letter

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Hi Love,

It is such a wonderful experience to have you in my life. The moment you came into my life the world changed for me. I feel everything around me is so beautiful whenever you are with me.

My days start with the thought of you and it ends with the memories of you. The whole day I think about you and the night I dream about you. In a way my whole world is filled with you.

Your words mesmerize me and take me to a rosy world where the space is only for you and me. I love to be in that world for hours together.

I started loving all that I do. You filled my life with passion, beauty, love and romance. I started taking pride in myself that someone as lovely as you came to my life and made me feel so important.

I want to convey this beautiful message of love that you make me feel so special and when you are away your thoughts give beauty to my existence.

Yours Forever,


Sample Romantic Letters

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